PCG potential market

billion dollars

Total Supplying

Million PCG tokens

PCG — "GAS" in Gamming coin transactions

0.5 %
The system automatically charges a transaction fee equal to 0.5% of the total transaction value.

PCG Monthly Loyalty Function

50 %
Monthly Loyalty Program (MLP) we invest 50% of our transaction income to pay for PCG token holders.

PCG is a solution for global gaming ecosystem

The rapid rise in the number of crypto currencies has attracted a growing interest in the community. In just two years, the value of bitcoin has increased by more than 1,000%. With more than 1000 different crypto currencies available and more being developed everyday, the crypto currency market is really booming. Besides, as a huge number of people gamble in daily sports, online poker, the market capitalization is expected to reach $ 495 billion by 2019.

Potentially, the launch of POCAGA offers a solution that allows online gamings to accept payments in crypto currency. In addition, POCAGA also provides a platform and APIs for game developers, in such a way that traditional casinos can easily integrate their systems, reach millions of gamers and build a complete ecosystem according to their needs.


Our goal is to make PCG become the most popular and popular token in the field of online gaming. You can use PCG to play, bet, invest…

Real Values

When winning a game, a player can convert points to PCG token inside the gaming system.

Internal exchange allows users to withdraw PCG tokens to their wallets & exchange to BTC or ETH.

Trading PCG on the TOP international exchanges

OpenAPI platform

Easy to integrate traditional online game systems.

Accept PCG, BTC, ETH

Highest security technology

Use of blockchain technology and constant improvements.

Blockchain is designed to resist data changes. The information in the blockchain cannot be changed.

Highest speed with lowest cost

Instant, on-demand settlement.

Low operational and liquidity costs of all the nodes in the system.

Investor benefits PCG token properties

0.5 %

PCG - "GAS" in POCAGA transactions

  • The POCAGA ecosystem is designed specifically for PCG token holders. You can not make a transaction if you do not own PCG tokens.
  • No PCG tokens will be issued after ICO.
  • When a transaction is made, the system automatically charges a transaction fee equal to 0.5% of the total transaction value.
  • Thanks to blockchain technology and POCAGA smart platform, this 0.5% will be implemented immediately and guaranteed 100% transparency.
MLP Monthly Loyalty Program = 50% POCAGA’s income from all transactions

PCG supports users and token holders

  • We create a Monthly Loyalty Program (MLP) and spend up to 50% of our transaction income to pay for PCG tokens. This is a worthy and truly valuable reward for the loyalty of the PCG tokens.
  • Each user’s loyalty rewards depends only on the amount of transaction he/sheis made during the month in POCAGA services.
Diamond 50%
100,000+ PCG ownership amount
Gold 35%
50,000+ PCG ownership amount
Silver 15%
10,000+ PCG ownership amount
Expected PCG value growth $30 After launching the gaming system

Trading & Win

  • In ICO, PCG Token price starts from $0.7 and expect to reach $30 after launching the gaming ecosystem.

Affiliate Program

Getup to 15%
per referral purchase success


QUARTER 1 2018

  • ICO
  • Internal PCG exchange
  • Development of gaming system. Accept PCG Tokens to market & bet.

QUARTER 2 2018

  • List PCG on international crypto currency exchanges and list on coinmarketcap.
  • Attract and further develop the community.
  • Officially publish gaming system. Players can play and gamble.
  • Create APIs that allows existing gaming systems to easily integrate.

QUARTER 3&4 2018

  • Build gaming ecosystem. Attract more gaming service providers to the ecosystem.
  • Focus on marketing to create a strong player community.
  • Continuously upgrade and optimize APIs & systems to meet the expansion strategy.


ROUND 1 Jan 22 th - Feb 17 th

Bonus 10%/ PCG Token purchase amount

ROUND 2 Feb 18 th - Mar 15 th

Bonus 7%/ PCG Token purchase amount

ROUND 3 Mar 16 th - Apr 10 th

Without bonus

Token Structure

Cost of 1 token PCG:
From $0.7
Term of token sale:
75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Expanded goals after start of ICO:
Technical limitation of number of tokens:
Secured ways to purchase tokens:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

Our Story


  • Developing the gaming system for US, Macau, Cambodia.
  • Developing the online game system for asian partners.
  • Operate the online game systems for partners in USA, Macau, Cambodia and Asia.


  • Participating in the field of trading and crypto currency.
  • Developing trading platform for chinese partners.
  • Developing complete ICO solutions for US and asian partners.


  • Issuing a separate currency for gaming sector.
  • Building separate gaming ecosystem.
  • Developing APIs to integrate PCG token into other online Casio & gaming systems in the world.


  • Listing PCG on the international crypto currency exchanges.



Pocaga is a new kind of gaming system that provides the same type of casino service in real life, but Pocaga could be deployed world wide, the user can use the crypto currency PCG to play game and withdraw money from the Pocaga’s exchange.

The main purpose of Pocaga is providing a system, which has many kind of games. The user around the world can join and play together. They can buy the crypto currency PCG to play the game by using BTC or ETH. The winner will receive the coin immediately after the game finished. We also provide access for developers to our crypto-payment infrastructure through the open platform OpenAPI.


Many members of the Pocaga management team have developed game more than 10 years. Another member has also more than 5 years of experiences in the domain of crypto currency.

We decided to combine into one team because of the potential of two domain, gaming and crypto currency. If we could find a solution in which could take the advantage of crypto currency to apply in the domain of gaming. It would be an innovation in this area.


The token sale will start on Jan 22, 2018 and ends on April 10, 2018


We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH). You need to register an account on our website: https://token.pocaga.io/register to buy PCG.


The uniqueness of PCG token is that it could be used as a currency in many games in our gaming system. The money can be earned when winning a game or exchanging PCG coin. The value of PCG will be increased if there are more people that join our gaming system.


50% from Pocaga’s transaction profit will be used to thank our PCG token-holders and the most active users through the acquisition distribution of PCG tokens via a monthly loyalty fund (MLF).


Minimum token purchase amount during the token sale is just 50 PCG tokens.